EBA strengthens families and supports communities through the high-quality implementation of evidence-based programs.

In its role as Service Coordinator (aka Managing Entity or ‘general contractor’) and partnering with juvenile justice, child welfare and behavioral health agencies, EBA can assess the current service array and provide strategic recommendations for becoming more evidence-based: EBA can also follow up on those analyses and recommendations, implementing the most appropriate evidence-based program(s) that can address the biggest social service challenges facing today’s leaders. In other words, EBA recognizes that ‘doing the right thing’ by selecting evidence based programs is only one step in system transformation. EBA also ensures that ‘it is done right’ by closely monitoring delivery through strict oversight of providers by mandating fidelity adherence of all program elements.

A team of professionals with backgrounds in social services, juvenile justice, evidence-based programs, information technology and human resources, EBA’s multi-faceted team brings more than 150 years of experience in overseeing clinical services, public policy and program management.

The EBA team offers:
• Evaluate the existing child and family services continuum / conduct a gap analysis
• Identification of the most appropriate evidence based model program suited to your needs
• Procurement/Subcontracting with evidence based program national training organizations
• Procurement/Subcontracting with local providers to implement EBPs
• Implementation management/oversight of program delivery through EBAccountability™
• Address human resources needs through EBAssets™
• Monitor program data outputs, metrics, and outcomes through EBAnalytics™
• Manage program budgets and oversee provider billing/invoicing/program audits
• Build support among stakeholders for long-term sustainable funding