Advocating for Change in Juvenile Justice

Who We Are

As more youth continue to be ordered into expensive and often ineffective out-of-home placement, detention centers and residential treatment facilities, the experienced and dedicated team of professionals at Evidence-Based Associates recognize the need to provide guidance and services that will support system reform while substantially reducing costs and improving results.

At EBA, we are dedicated to improving the quality and effectiveness of juvenile justice systems through the use of performance-based contracts. We work directly with policy-makers and professionals that serve high-risk youth by implementing new ways to reduce costs and improve outcomes for youth, their families and the communities in which they live.

Our clients are innovative champions who struggle with implementing effective reform within their existing systems but have the foresight and determination to change from the typical 'business-as-usual' when it comes to serving youth. From program development to clinical implementation to evaluation, EBA can help leaders in child-serving public agencies navigate the complex challenges of implementing evidence-based programs and obtaining successful outcomes.

To learn more about EBA, download our white paper.