Improving Accountability in Juvenile Justice

Featured Projects

Evidence-Based Associates (EBA) has been working closely with juvenile justice and child-serving systems and agencies since 2003. Over the years, collectively, we have diverted thousands of youth from out-of-home placement and provided better outcomes for families. Because of our work we have saved taxpayers millions of dollars and proudly, we have been influential in moving forward the adoption of evidence-based programs in communities around the country. This section of our website places the spotlight on a few of our award-winning projects. We invite you to read more about the work we have completed, and continue to do, in Florida, the District of Columbia and Louisiana.

This image depicts the positive outcomes we have experienced over the years with our award-winning project in Florida.

If you are part of a juvenile justice or child-serving system and are ready to see positive results in your community for at-risk youth and their families, contact us to discuss how EBA can help navigate the complex challenges of implementing effective evidence-based programs for youth and families.