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November 14, 2009
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Redirection Project is Saving More Families and Troubled Youths in Miami Dade County

Miami, FL - The Redirection Project, which has successfully diverted thousands of youth who are involved with the Department of Juvenile Justice from residential programs to clinically-proven community-based programs, is adding additional staffing capacity in Miami-Dade County's Circuit 11. The Florida Legislature approved funding in the spring that will allow Redirection to increase the number of therapists that are working with families by 30 percent, beginning immediately.

"Time and time again Redirection has proven to be a life-changing program," said Rep. David Rivera, R-Miami, who is currently serving as the Chairman of the House Full Appropriations Committee. "Redirection is not only costñeffective, saving the state millions every year, but most importantly, it is turning around the lives of so many families in our communities. It is crucial that we continue to reach out and isolate those troubled juveniles who can benefit from this program which is why funding Redirection is imperative."

In 2004, the State of Florida, Department of Juvenile Justice launched the Redirection project in an effort to "redirect" troubled youth from residential placements to more effective, family-focused, evidence-based treatment options. The Redirection project focuses on Blueprints for Violence Prevention model programs that have demonstrated strong positive outcomes in addressing the needs of delinquent youth and their familiesñinitially Multisystemic Therapy and Functional Family Therapy. In 2008, Brief Strategic Family Therapy (BSFT) was added to the Redirection Program because of its success with Spanish-speaking families and with youth who have substance abuse related charges. The program has served close to 3,500 families across the state.

Recently, The Office of Program Policy Analysis & Government Accountability (OPPAGA) released an independent evaluation demonstrating that Redirection has significantly outperformed the effectiveness of residential juvenile delinquency programs. According to OPPAGA, Redirection has helped the state avoid $36.4 million dollars in placement costs since inception. Juveniles that graduate from Redirection are less likely to be arrested, adjudicated or committed which has helped save an additional $5.4 in recommitment and adult prison costs.

OPPAGA is directed by the Florida Legislature to examine and evaluate Redirection and report its findings.


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