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In this issue:

Spring 2012 - Volume VI - Issue 7

  • Editor's Foreword: Catalyst for Change
  • Blueprints Conference: Agenda at a Glance
  • Leading the Way in Youth Violence Prevention: Interview with Delbert Elliott, PhD
  • Blueprints for Violence Prevention: Model Programs
  • Detailed Description of Juveniles in Custody Now Available Online
  • No Place for Kids: The Case for Reducing Juvenile Incarceration
  • EBA News

Fall 2011:

Fall 2011 - Volume VI - Issue 6

  • Editor's Foreword: Changing the World
  • Featured Report: No Place for Kids: The Case for Reducing Juvenile Incarceration
  • Demonstrating Value in Juvenile Justice: Interview with Curt Huston - Evidence-Based Associates, CEO
  • Public Policy by Numbers: An article by Prevention Action
  • Fall 2011 Global Footprint: Evidence-Based Programs for At-Risk Youth
  • EBA on the Road
  • Career Opportunities

Summer 2011:

Summer 2011

  • Editor's Foreward
  • In the Spotlight: Marie Morilus-Black
  • Families Come First: Families First project launches in District of Columbia
  • Connecting Research, Policy & Practice: Interview with Michael Little - Co-Director of the Social Research Unit
  • Functional Family Therapy (FFT) moves full steam ahead
  • Feature Report: Campaign for Youth Justice State Trends Report Summary

Winter 2011

Winter 2011

  • Letter from the Editor
  • More Support for Florida's Redirection Project
  • For Federal Programs, a Taste of Market Discipline
  • Supporting Young People Out of the Justice System
  • Building Better Performance
  • NCJA Webinar Announcement

Summer 2010

Summer 2010
  • Editor's Forward: Reflections on Blueprints
  • It's Right There - on the Dashboard
  • Put Families First: An Update from Washington
  • Advocate for Change: An Interview with Shay Bilchik
  • A Modern-Day Solution for Serving At-Risk Youth
  • OPPAGA Finds Redirection Project Produces Five-Year Reductions in Crime, $51.2 Million in Cost-Savings for Florida

Spring 2010

Spring 2010
  • Editor's Forward: A Look Back - to the Future!
  • Assistant Attorney General Shares Message at Blueprints Conference
  • A Must-See at the 2010 Blueprints Conference
  • Juvenile Justice Around the Nation: States Leading by Example
  • Global Footprint: Evidence-Based Programs for At-Risk Youth

Winter 2010

Winter 2010
  • Blueprints Pioneers Converge for Highly-Anticipated Conference
  • EBA Enters the World of Social Media
  • Justice Grants Administration and EBA Launch Initiative to "Put Families First"
  • Florida Lawmakers and Community Leaders Receive Awards at FFT Statewide Conference
  • Lone Star State Hosts National Violence Prevention Conference
  • Global Footprint: Evidence-Based Programs for At-Risk Youth

Fall 2009

Fall 2009
  • Editor’s Foreword: Something Worth Debating
  • Why Juvenile Detention Makes Teens Worse
  • Behind the Advocate
  • National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse Releases National Findings on Costs of Drug Abuse in America
  • OPPAGA Wins Award for Its Report on Redirection

Special issue:

Special Issue Spring 2009
  • Florida Gets It Right
  • Independent evaluation demonstrates Redirection Program for at-risk youth significantly reduces crime and saves Florida more than $36 million

Spring 2009

Spring 2009
  • Editor’s Foreword: We Are Family
  • Coalition for Evidence-Based Policy Recognizes Nurse-Family Partnership as "Top Tier"
  • One in 31: The Long Reach of American Corrections' Available from Pew
  • Behind the Advocate
  • 'Spray and Pray,' Not Effective Says Blase
  • EBA Announcements
  • White House Issues Memorandum to Encourage Scientific Integrity

Winter 2009

Winter 2009
  • Editor’s Foreword: The Spring of Hope!
  • Pew Charitable Trusts Releases Template for State Adoption of Evidence-Based Practices
  • Redirection Project Going Strong, Saving Millions
  • Behind the Advocate
  • Florida Dept. of Juvenile Justice Awarded by U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services: Cost-Saving Redirection Project Recognized for Exemplary Results
  • New Efforts in the Rehabilitation and Vocational Training of High-Risk Youth
  • Global Footprint for Community-Based Model Programs

In this issue:

Fall 2008
  • Editor’s Foreword: The Farmer and The DellTM
  • A Medicaid Primer for Juvenile Justice Officials
  • An Interview with Jon Baron, Executive Director: Coalition for Evidence-Based Policy
  • The Maryland Opportunity Compact: Promotes Use of Evidence-Based Program
  • Evidence-Based Approach Works for Rural Communities
  • 10–Year Trend: The Number of Youth in Residential Custody Declines

In this issue:

Summer 2008
  • Editor's Foreword: An American Plague - From Bassinets to Bars
  • A Tribute to Lee Ann Thomas
  • Interview with David Kass: President, Fight Crime: Invest in Kids
  • Penn State Study Shows Large Payoff for Crime Prevention Efforts
  • Real-time Data Management System to Maximize Quality Assurance for Evidence-Based Programs
  • More Than 1,100 Attend 2008 Blueprints Conference

In this issue:

Special Issue: Blueprints 2008
  • In the Spotlight: Blueprints for Violence Prevention
  • Blueprints for Violence Prevention: Model Programs
  • Improving Public Health: A 30-Year Journey
  • Interview with Donna Gority
  • The Blueprints and Prevention Science: Progress and Prospects
  • Pennsylvania: A Model for the Community Use of Evidence-Based Programs
  • Necessary and Sufficient: On the Road to More Effective Use of Taxpayer Dollars
  • Evidence-Based Associates: The EB-Advantage
  • About the Blueprints Conference

In this issue:

Winter 2007
  • Fidelity Counts
  • Blueprints Conference 2008
  • Industry Report: Excerpts From Recently Released Studies
  • In the Spotlight: Florida's Redirection Project Continues to Post Strong Results

In this issue:

Fall 2007
  • The Value Proposition of an Evidence-Based Program
  • Featured Article: For California's Juvenile Justice System: It's a Brand New World!
  • In the Spotlight: Functional Family Therapy: Looking to Families for Hope for Our Youth

In this issue:

Summer 2007
  • Why Evidence-Based Associates?
  • Featured Article: The Walls Came Tumbling Down
  • In the Spotlight: Nurse-Family Partnership - Helping First-Time Parents Succeed

In this issue:

Spring 2007
  • Moving Toward Evidence-Based Programs (Again): The Pennsylvania Perspective
  • Industry Report: Redirection Pilots Meet and Exceed Residential Commitment Outcomes; $5.8 Million Saved
  • Featured Article: Wasted Money, Wasted Opportunities

In this issue:

Fall 2006
  • EBA Continues to Strengthen Leadership Role
  • In the Spotlight: Effective Community Programs Could Reduce Commitment of Girls to Residential Programs in Florida
  • In the Spotlight: Redirection—Mapping Out a System that Works