Reducing Costs and Improving Outcomes in Juvenile Justice


How is Evidence-Based Associates (EBA) different?

We feel we're different because the work we are doing in the field is innovative and requires a commitment to never waiver from our business model. We are dedicated to improving the quality and effectiveness of the juvenile justice systems nationwide through the use of performance-based contracts and evidence-based programs. We work directly with policy-makers and professionals that serve high-risk youth to reduce costs and improve outcomes for youth, their families and the communities in which they live.

The EBA Difference

And, because of our business model, EBA is able to implement self-funded solutions that deliver guaranteed results for clients pursuing sustainable reform in the juvenile justice field while providing the best value at the lowest risk. EBA supports leaders committed to changing the way the juvenile justice system currently operates and believes so strongly in our services and the outcomes generated by implementing our portfolio of evidence-based programs that we are willing to guarantee positive results.

Payment for our services is tied directly to our ability to produce positive results. This approach, known as performance-based contracting, provides a modern-day solution to a system that is often riddled with waste, inefficiency and dismal outcomes.

A performance-based contract transfers performance risk to EBA and through EBA's oversight, providers are held accountable for results. In all of our projects, we utilizes evidence-based programs that deliver positive results when implemented with strict adherence to the original models. At EBA, we are committed to accountability, quality assurance and continuous quality improvement.

Performance-based contracts have a proven history of reducing program costs and increasing desired outcomes. More importantly, with a performance-based contract in place, the savings attained with the programs offered by EBA can, in turn, be reinvested in program expansion allowing EBA clients to serve more youth and their families with the same amount of (or less) funds.

And therein lies the difference.