Reducing Costs and Improving Outcomes in Juvenile Justice

EBA Guarantee

One of the main reasons why customers don't buy a particular product or service is because of risk. They are unfamiliar with the service or unsure of the value. Or perhaps they are afraid of making the wrong decision, losing money or not receiving what they paid for.

Evidence-Based Associates (EBA) believes so strongly in our ability to produce results that we guarantee our outcomes in order to minimize the fear of failure in the minds of our clients.

  • We know that our programs work. We know they produce positive results. Our work with systems is very comprehensive and we only implement gold-standard programs that are backed by years of research and proven outcomes.

  • Our approach is structured to ensure our clients do not lose money. With performance-based contracts, we guarantee the results based on mutually determined parameters. If those results are not achieved then our client doesn't pay.

  • EBA contracts are structured in such a way that clients are guaranteed to receive the service for which they are paying.


EBA's business model guarantees a win-win scenario for all parties involved.
  • Clients are guaranteed results.

  • If EBA fails to meet the guaranteed results, our clients have a money-back guarantee - 100 percent of costs for youth not meeting the guaranteed success rate will be paid back.

  • EBA demonstrates value by ensuring high-quality implementation and monitoring.

  • Youth and families benefit the most by keeping kids at home, in school and out of trouble.

EBA is an experienced group of talented, dedicated professionals, who specialize in implementing and managing programs that address the unique needs of high-risk youth. From program development to clinical implementation to evaluation, EBA can help leaders in child-serving, public agencies navigate the complex challenges of implementing system reform through the use of evidence-based programs and obtain successful outcomes.

We guarantee it!