Our History

Evidence-Based Associates (EBA) was founded in 2004, based on the principle that ‘business-as-usual’ within juvenile justice systems was no longer acceptable. The leaders behind the vision of EBA knew that someone needed to help drive the adoption of evidence-based programs (EBPs) but, more importantly, someone needed to provide the oversight, technical support and management for these programs. EBA stepped into this gap and assumed a leadership role in creating an organization that would be solely dedicated to the adoption of EBPs with fidelity and willing to be accountable for the results.

Additionally, EBA was instrumental in bringing together leaders within the EBP field to establish the biennial Blueprints for Healthy Youth Development conference. EBA continues to play an active role in the production of this internationally recognized conference to ensure the spotlight is on programs that actually work and produce positive results for society.

Because of EBA’s leadership role in the field, we currently hold six contracts, with a total annual value of $12.2 million, to oversee and manage the delivery of EBPs to nearly 2,000 youth per year in the state of Florida and the District of Columbia. In addition, EBA has completed past projects with the state of Louisiana.

EBA’s Redirection project in Florida, which began in October 2004, achieved national recognition in earning the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) 2008 National Science and Service Award. Redirection was also awarded the Davis Productivity Award, an award given by Florida’s TaxWatch organization to recognize businesses whose work significantly, and measurably, increases productivity and promotes innovation to improve the delivery of state services and save money for Florida taxpayers and businesses.

EBA continues to be at the forefront of reform within the juvenile justice field and, together with the gold-standard model programs we represent, looks ahead to the future where more self-funded solutions will deliver positive results for youth and families around the globe.