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How to Become a Direct Service Provider:

  1. Respond to EBA’s Expedited DSP Enrollment Process
  2. Contact EBA Directly to learn about potential service needs. (email us at

EBA is proud to partner with Virginia DJJ in providing quality, coordinated and effective community-based services to youth throughout Western, Central and Northern Virginia.

 (From Left to Right - Dan Edwards - EBA President; Kara Brooks - VA Project Director; Kim Stafford - VA Western Region Manager; Joel Walkley - VA Northern Region Manager)

For the past several years, Virginia’s Department of Juvenile Justice has been undergoing a transformation intended to align practices with research and evidence-informed approaches that have been proven effective in reducing recidivism rates of juvenile offenders.  To achieve their vision of delivering a more effective and efficient approach to juvenile justice, DJJ has committed to three core principles:
  1. Safely reduce the use of large and aging juvenile correctional facilities.
  2. Effectively reform supervision, rehabilitation and treatment practices.
  3. Efficiently replace the current outdated correction centers with regional, rehabilitative and treatment-oriented facilities supported by a statewide continuum of locally provided evidence-based services.

EBA’s Role in Virginia:

In October 2016, Virginia DJJ selected Evidence-Based Associates (EBA) and AMI Kids (AMI) to serve as the two Regional Service Coordinators responsible for developing a comprehensive continuum of evidence-based programs and services to effectively meet the needs of justice system involved youth. EBA will oversee services in the Western, Central, and Northern regions of the Commonwealth; AMI will serve the Southern and Eastern regions. Service delivery under this new coordinated system of care will begin in January 2017 to ensure that an effective array of interventions is available for all juvenile justice-involved youth in the Commonwealth regardless of where they live.

EBA's Commitment to Virginia DJJ Transformation

Evidence-Based Associates (EBA) is a committed partner as one of two agencies selected to serve as Regional Service Coordinators for establishing and maintaining the statewide continuum of locally provided evidence-based services.  In collaboration with DJJ leadership, EBA is building a continuum of effective services, programs, and treatment needed to divert youth from further involvement in the juvenile justice system.
Dr. Dan Edwards, EBA president said, “EBA was established in order to help child-serving public systems transform in order to deliver services that are more evidence-based, more family-friendly, and more effective. We’ve created a wide range of innovative tools, resources, and programs to partner with private service providers and public agencies like VA DJJ to accomplish their transformation goals.”

EBA Background

Since 2004 Evidence-Based Associates has been a leader in driving the adoption of evidence-based programs by providing oversight, technical support and management of Juvenile Justice and Child Welfare services and programs. Today, EBA oversees and manages the fidelity of high-quality services that deliver EBP’s to over 2,000 youth.  EBA’s is proud to collaborate and partner with VA DJJ and AMI to effect change in the juvenile justice system – we look forward to engaging gold-standard evidence-based program partners and to supporting a cadre of exceptional Direct Service Providers across Western, Central and Northern Virginia. Together we will deliver positive results for juvenile justice-involved youth and their families.

To be Developed: A Continuum of Effective, Evidence-based Services:

  • Individual Clinical Services
  • Group Clinical Services
  • Assessment and Evaluations
  • Family Focused Interventions
  • Individual Cognitive Skills Training
  • Group-Based Cognitive Skills Training
  • Monitoring Services
  • Residential Services
  • Workforce Development Services
  • Care Coordination Services

Fight Crime: Invest in Kids Never is Better But Once is Enough Juvenile Justice Reform in Virginia can keep youth from becoming adult offenders and save taxpayers dollars. November 2015
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